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Are you one of the thousands of people who wish to start a business? Maybe you want a little “cash cow”? Many people who wish to start a business. are not sure where the best place to start is. Affiliate Marketing Platforms is a very large industry. Literally, thousands of professional bloggers earn their household income from affiliate marketing. But do not worry, you don’t have to be a blogger to bring in some money from the Affiliate Marketing platform. Another form of an Affiliate business is a Drop-shipping business.

Affiliate Business– What is it?
Let us take a moment before we continue and define Affiliate. Affiliate means to attach or link a person or group to a larger group or organization. We are talking about starting an affiliate business. This means you can take a small business and link it through the world wide web to a larger more well-known business to create an income. The benefits of starting a business this way are there is relatively low risk. You can own a store with no monthly lease payment and no 5 years or more lease contract, no liability insurance or employees or shelves and no stock. So there is minimal investment compared to owning a physical store. Also, since you do not actually pre-purchase the products to sell, there is room for a learning curve. You can put an item in your store if it doesn’t sell just take it out. You don’t have a case or two that you have to clearance out at a loss. Basically, you drop ship what your eCommerce store sells from your supplier’s warehouse. Now let us look into the popular and profitable Affiliate Program.

Money Making Affiliate Programs

The Amazon affiliate program or also known as the Amazon. Associates program is a great program for people who wish to start a business. This program helps businesses earn extra cash. Basically, the program is a marketing program. It pays website owners and bloggers to advertise Amazon. products. Some of the ways website owners or bloggers can direct readers and customers to the Amazon website are by highlighted word links or button links. This is good for people who wish to start a business. Business owners can set a pace for themselves without requiring a large investment in inventory. The Amazon  Affiliate program is free. For people who already own websites, are creating a website, have a mobile app URL, or have a blogging site. Joining the Amazon Affiliate program is a great way to add extra revenue to your already existing business. For those who do not own a website or blog site, it might just be time to take on that project. After you have a website or blog intact and running. Then just follow the following steps to become an Amazon. Affiliate:

    • Go to the Amazon Associates home page
    • Click on Join for Free
    • Choose your existing account and sign in
    • Enter your websites or blog site address or Mobile app URL
    • Then fill out your profile
    • Verify your identification
    • Start using Associates Central and create links

Once people who wish to start a business. set up an account. Additional ways are available to increase your cash flow, such as to post an update to Facebook or Twitter with an Amazon link. Here are other methods Amazon helps people who wish to start a business. These methods also help to increase sales:

    • Product links – links to a specific product. They can be text only or have images
    • Announcement banners—Amazon will serve the banners directly to your site
    • Graphical banners – link to Amazon products or promotions using professionally designed graphics banners

What else does Amazon Associates have to offer people who wish to start a business.? They offer Performance Tips to guide you in the right direction. Some of these tips are to help people who wish to start a business. Be successful by helping to choose products from Amazon that best match up with your website, so you can earn more cash. Some of these tips are:

    • Choose products that are in line with the content of your website or blog
    • Product cross-merchandising
    • Choose products that will go along with or add to the content of your website or blog
    • Promote products with a high price tag

Amazon. Associates provide suggestions on selecting the best ads for your blog, website or app, to help you attract more traffic. Some of these suggestions are:

    • Link Individual Items
    • Link “Recommended Products”
    • Have a search box
    • Link Banners
    • Links in text or highlighted words
    • Quick buy links
    • Web Services allow you to create your own link

Amazon. Associates help people who wish to start a business. Web services can help you improve your current merchandising program by giving you proven merchandising methods. Amazon is a world leader in merchandising, and they give you techniques they have found to successfully increase sales in the online market. Here are just a few of their tips:

    • On your Web site, blog or app try to make finding the store simple
    • Brand your links
    • Add “BUY” or BUY IT” buttons with images
    • Provide security and privacy for your customers
    • Promote gift buying to your customers

This is just a quick snapshot of some of the ideas Amazon Affiliates gives to people who wish to start a business.

Drop-shipping– Is it for you?
People who wish to start a business can drop-ship products. This is another method you can use to start an Affiliate model business. Drop-shipping can be very profitable. What is Drop-shipping? This is when a business owner sells products from other businesses or suppliers. Then when a customer chooses to purchase the item from your website, you would simply purchase the item and have the supplier ship it to the customer. Drop-shipping is pretty simple. So you may be thinking, well how do I make money? If you buy an item from the supplier for say $5 and you sell it for $10. You have a $5 profit from one item. In the Drop-shipping model, you do not receive it, store it or physically ship it. Let us say, for example, you sell 5 items a day at a $5 profit. In one month, that is a profit of $750. Now if you sell 30 items a day with the same $5 profit margin, then that is about $4500 a month, with not much money invested. The drop-shipping business model also allows for products to be changed often and quickly. In this way, a business owner can stay current with the trends and create more cash flow. If you choose to start a drop-shipping business you can potentially build up the business and sell it for a profit. Many people have found that Drop-shipping really cashes out in the end.

Making the most out of the Affiliate Business Model
People who wish to start a business. If you really want to start a money-making “cash cow” it is possible to combine the Amazon. Affiliate Marketing program and a Drop-shipping. Both methods can be successful business models individually if you are one of those people who wish to start a business. Here’s an idea on how to combine the two programs. After creating a website, blog or app, then add Amazon links by way of words, banners and the like. Then a store can also be added to your website or blog. Try to choose popular products with a fair markup price in your store. Once you have made your choice, these products can be featured on your website. After an order is received for a product from your web site. The products will be drop shipped to the customer by the supplier. Your website would actually be called an eCommerce store. Using the eCommerce store platform allows you to mark up the item for a profit.
For business owners who already have their own websites, are creating a website, have a mobile app URL, or have a blogging site. Simply just adding an eCommerce store to the site is a quick way to add a drop-shipping business and some extra income every month. Also addingAmazon. links after signing up for the Amazon Associate program is another quick way to increase cash flow.

Do you see a “cash cow” in your future? Acquiring an affiliate business is a good way to start your own business. Whether you think Affiliate marketing or Affiliate Drop-shipping or a combination will work for you, is entirely up to you. It is just a matter of finding your own niche on the world wide web. For people who wish to start a business. These are tried and tested business venture with a low investment. Thousands of people will testify to “The Affiliate Business Model Works!”.

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