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“The Pros And Cons of the 9-5 Vs Affiliate lifestyle” 2019

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Have you heard about affiliate marketing? Perhaps you have seen a video online of a salesperson trying to coerce you to get involved with this new life-changing lifestyle and you thought it sounded good but you just went sure. Have no fear because there are millions of other people just like you who are unaware of the pros and cons that are brought about while indulging in the affiliate lifestyle. This income producing opportunity is more a lifestyle than a job or employment option when you decide to take a step into the unknown you may be surprised at what you will find for your future.


Work when you want

When you take the first step to becoming an affiliate you understand that you will have to put in the work and you will be paid depending on how much work you put in. Unlike a 9-5 job, you are allowed to put in unlimited overtime due to this opportunity being based on a WIFI laptop lifestyle. The WIFI laptop lifestyle allows for you to work from home, school, the gym, heck even a 9-5 job if you have a lot of downtime while there. This is definitely a pro point of the lifestyle.

Work where you want

The second pro of this lifestyle is being able to work wherever you want. As aforementioned in the previous point, a laptop lifestyle allows for you to be able to work wherever WIFI access is available. Unlike a 9-5 job where you most often than not are required to check in to a certain physical location and punch a timecard, the laptop lifestyle allows for you to be able to earn income wherever WIFI is present, this means that you can be earning money while sitting at Starbucks in the morning while waiting on a coffee and a fancy bagel or pastry. You can be on a road trip across the country and still have income generating opportunities if you use the WIFI hotspot on a smartphone while in transit. You can be flying on an international flight and if that flight has WIFI access you can access the WIFI laptop lifestyle. This is a powerful pro to the lifestyle because being able to earn money anywhere a WIFI connection is available is a game-changing strategy. Who do you know that doesn’t want to be able to make money any and everywhere they go? Especially in the times we live in today WIFI access is everywhere and it is free at a lot of businesses so take advantage and join the WIFI laptop lifestyle.

Supplement your income

Supplement your income

The third pro of this lifestyle is that it is totally feasible to use it as a passive income stream to currency. You can have a 9-5 job and still live the affiliate lifestyle. The people who pay affiliates do not care if you have a regular job at all and do not manage or supervise you. You can have 2 9-5 job-based income streams and still be living this lifestyle. This is a very powerful pro because some people have certain jobs that they like and do not want to give up but they also want to supplement their income in major ways but generally do not have time to do so because they are already working a 9-5 job or they have two 9-5 jobs so time is very limited in that arena. The good thing about affiliate marketing is you can be your own boss and do it when you want to supplement your income and it is not very time-consuming.


One of the cons of affiliate marketing is that it is a commission based WIFI laptop lifestyle and that means it is not for everybody. For some people commission-based income is an all-around plus because they are go-getters and this opportunity is right up their alley, others may have a hard time coping with the “eat what you kill” mindset of affiliate marketing. In simpler terms, you will only get paid as much as you are willing to work and strategize to help you bring in more sales. This is a risky situation for some people since a salary is not guaranteed at the end of the month because it is up to them to take initiative and make something happen instead of earning a fixed income and having a guaranteed paycheck from a 9-5 job. That is not to say some people can’t handle the WIFI laptop lifestyle it is just saying that some people have immediate responsibilities like children to care and provide for that requires a definite check coming in every month.

The second con of this lifestyle is the fact that some people do not like having to rely on themselves for motivation to earn income and create opportunities. All this means is that everyone does not have an interest in learning about making money online nor the time to invest when it comes to taking the proper instruction on the subject to achieve maximum results. When you receive an education from preschool to the 12th grade of high school it is a very slim chance that affiliate marketing is mentioned or spoke upon., it is treading new ground for most people and this requires the ability to learn and the ability to want to be taught. To be successful you have to want to succeed no matter what and have a general sense of open-mindedness when it comes to learning new techniques and implementing them in your strategies to succeed in generating new sales and leads that produce currency through your WIFI laptop lifestyle

The third con of the WIFI laptop lifestyle is effort. This lifestyle requires more mindpower and effort than that of a 9-5 job. You have to be knowledgeable about certain subjects and understand how to implement them and use them to their maximum capabilities in order to succeed.

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