Why Affiliate marketing and E-commers are the best business ventures for 2020

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We are halfway through 2019, and all the humans who are hell-bent on staying efficient will already have their eyes on the prize for the coming year. With all the impending doom surrounding the economy and the recession of 2020, which is being predicted by many economists, certain people might have a hesitation to enter the world of business right now. However, if you are looking to venture into the complex world of business by the next year or by starting now and growing into next year than some two of the most popular ideas for business are Affiliate marketing and E-commers, and for a good reason too. Let us dive into what makes these two business ideas so appealing to people and how they are some of the best business ventures for the coming year.


E-commers are essential for all the trading and shopping we used to do in physical, in person and in stores now being done through the use of the internet. Even keeping in mind the Economy and the recession of 2020 in mind, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in an E-commers business. Here are some of them.

1. Growth

E-commers is one of the fastest-growing businesses, and it has been for quite a while now. When the measure of sales was made from the year 2014 up to 2020, it was noticed that sales ratio would grow at the rate of 200%. This is no mean feat as most of us with even the slightest affinity towards business would know. With the projects in E-commers showing a growth of up to 2.5 trillion at the end of last year, despite the situation of The Economy and the recession of 2020, there has never been a better time to invest in E-commers.

2. Make money even when you rest

For most businesses involving retail, you needed to have storefronts worldwide in order to have a worldwide presence and be known to audiences over long distances. Technology that has connected the world is the ultimate weapon that allows an E-commers business to be present everywhere all the time and be able to sell products across the world. Your E-commers business is running even while you may be resting. This is another factor that makes an E-commers business an excellent idea irrespective of The Economy and the recession of 2020 is predicted.

3. Online Purchasing is the way to go

Here’s another fact about the online retailing business that is likely to survive regardless of the Economy and the recession of 2020. The fact is that even though traditional shopping is still around online shopping is becoming more and more popular by the day. It is estimated that 80% of the people present on the internet have made an online purchase and the number just keeps growing. This is just another proof of the potential of an E-commers business.

4. Easy to set up

The online retail business was easier to set up as compared to a brick and mortar business, to begin with, and the tools needed to get one up and running are more readily available now than ever before. These tools include services that help you nail the important aspects of an E-commers business. Some of these important tools are selling platforms, marketing automation, and SEO tools, etc. And once again these tools will be readily available to you when setting up your online retail business irrespective of the position of The Economy and the recession of 2020 (which by the way is only a prediction at this point).

5. Endless creativity

The online retail business gives a lot of room for being creative in your marketing and in the experience you provide your customers during their visits to your E-store. There can be subscription-based selling, shopping videos, etc. One really prominent emergence in technology as of late is the VR or Virtual Reality headsets. With these headsets, people could potentially visit an actual physical store while being in their bedroom. While this is just an example, and a hypothetical is does speak of the room for creativity that the online retail business is offering.

Supplement your income

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which individuals can team up with companies to refer people towards their services and/or products and earn income through commission when a sale is made based on their referral. For example, if you are a full-time blogger and make your living through writing then for you this type of marketing can be making posts for the company you are affiliated with or mentioning their product or services in related posts. This marketing is freelance work, and all the factors that make affiliate marketing an excellent business venture are likely to hold up even in difficult positions of The Econimy and the ressision of 2020. Here are all the reasons you should consider venturing into this type of marketing.

1. Cheap Beginnings

There is virtually no cost associated with starting an affiliate marketing business. You do not need any sort of investment in a product. Even if you decide to set up your own website and go for the monetization side of things, the maximum amount that you might have to invest is the fee for the website hosting which is barely $10 a month. Even signing up for an affiliate program with any company is completely free of cost. These cost-friendly beginnings to an affiliate marketing business will remain the same irrespective of The Econimy and the ressision of 2020 that may or may not occur.

2. Independence

This is a factor associated with affiliate marketing that is completely independent of any sort of position of The Econimy and the ressision of 2020 or any other crisis. This marketing at its heart is freelance work and allows you to be your own boss. The life of the freelancers allows you the freedom to pick your own hours without any superiors breathing down your neck. You are your own boss; however, one must remember that this means you have to be an equally good boss and employee. As most affiliate marketing work will be done straight from the screen of your laptop, this leaves no need for a proper work setting, and you have the freedom to work from even a cave if you can simply manage to get yourself an internet connection there. Hence this independence in terms of time and space makes affiliate marketing a really attractive business for you if you are someone who enjoys their own terms and conditions.

3. Scalable and efficient Business

Even in the difficult conditions of The Econimy and the ressision of 2020 marketing will probably continue to be done at excessive rates especially between rival companies competing for sales and hence an affiliate marketing business will have limitless potential. It can remain only you working from the screen of your laptop but if it does grow due to your hard work and you began to receive large amounts of projects you can easily hire people and start a very practical business model. Even after growing into a large scale business model where you can hire employees it will still not require you to invest large sums of money as an office setting is not really necessary in this line of work.

4. Choose who you work for and what you sell

The business of Affiliate marketing allows you to choose who you work for and what product you are promoting and this definitely helps in terms of both ease of mind from knowing that you are marketing something you actually approve of and also in terms of having lots of options for projects and picking the best one. This factor of marketing will apply even during the tricky conditions of The Econimy and the ressision of 2020, as mentioned that marketing will continue to be done because of competition in sales. Hence the professional independence continues to seep into this business and picking the product that you wish to promote will result in a much more efficient workflow for you.

Recurrent Earning

Affiliate marketing is a recurring income. This means that as long as customers are reaching the company through your referral, you will keep receiving your commission income and even some additional payments that may be given by the company for reaching a specific goal such as the number of customers referred. Regardless this gives you the freedom of working on other projects simultaneously while you are receiving some passive income from one particular project.

In conclusion, there is a good reason for why both of these businesses are incredibly popular and will continue to grow in popularity and of course, in wealth as time goes on. Hence while turning the page for 2020, it will not be a bad idea to look into these fields, if you are looking to venture into the world of business.

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