My Dream Is To Live A Life That I Have Always Wanted To Live,

Where I Can Help Other People Enrich Their Life’s Too,

As Well As Spending More Time With My Daughter And Family, To Travel The world Seeing How Beautiful This planet Is,

We Take So Much For Granted But By Traveling It Has Opened My Eyes So If I Can Make Other People Happy, I Am Doing Something Good For Mankind.

I Was Not Happy Working 70-90 Hours Per Week Not Seeing My Daughter Family As Much As I Wanted Too.

And After Losing My Wife To Breast Cancer In November 2003, I Know I Had To Change Something, So I Researched The Internet Don’t Get Me Wrong I Made Lots Of Mistakes And Some Of The Companies I Joined Ether Went Broke Or Where Stoped By The FTC USA,

But Now I Am Happy With SFM, I Use A Good Education Program And Support Is There 24/7.

As I Reach Each Goal I set For Myself, I Set New Goals For Myself But The Best Part Of This Laptop Lifestyle Is I Am Learning And Earning At The Same Time, And Working When It Suits Me Around My Daughter And Family Which I Am Sure Is What We All Want In This Life.

It Allows Me To Be Able To Work My Business From A Local Starbucks, It Allows Me To Work When I Am Traveling Like Places Such As Cyprus, France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Miami, New York, Hong Kong And Many More Counties That I Travel Too,

And My Business Is Working When I Am A Sleep Yes I Even Earn Money When I Am Sleeping Too.

And I Am Also Meeting New People Too Who Are In My Position As Well As Meeting Millionaires And Having Meals With Them Or A Drink Talikg And Being Helped In My Business Journey.

This Business Allows Me To Take More Care Of My Daughter, Family, And My Health And Allows Me To Fit My Business Around The Ones I Love.

Now Is It Not Time For You To Join Me And For You To Make Changes Not Only For You But For The Ones You Love?